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Big Time Crime In A Little Town


In January 2007, the pervert who kidnapped/assaulted/enslaved 14-year-old Shawn Hornbeck for over 4 years was caught in my home town. This year in my little town, Charles Lee “Cookie” Thornton walked into a city council meeting, shot and killed 5 people, wounding 2, including the mayor, who is still recovering from brain trauma. Michael Devlin, the kidnapper, was sentenced to life with no parole. Cookie Thornton was shot dead at the scene.

The crime reports listed below are from my community newspaper and are true. I’m thankful that, at least for a while this summer, my little town didn’t contribute tragic headlines to CNN.

From the Webster-Kirkwood Times:

Incident #1

# Officers responded July 31 to an accident at McKnight and Old Warson caused by a diabetic episode. Further investigation revealed the incident happened in Ladue. The scene was turned over to Ladue police.

(I’m so relieved the officers now know who works where.)

Incident #2

# Officers responded Aug. 1 to the 1300 block of Warson when a neighbor saw a strange subject in the residence. The subject was the resident’s boyfriend waiting for her to come home.

(Just how strange was the subject? Come to think of it, how strange is the neighbor?)

Incident #3

# A husband on Salem Hills reported Aug. 1 his wife had been missing for two months. Officers, believing something fishy was going on, conducted an investigation. The wife was located at her son’s residence. She said she was divorcing her husband and had moved in with her son. Upon hearing this information, the husband’s only response was that he forgot.

(Two months? He waits two months and couldn’t figure out (on his own) where she was? Yeah, that’s fishy.

For all the big time crime reports in Webster Groves, click away: Area Crime Reports: Webster-Kirkwood Times.