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Just Hook Me Up

Ain't it a beauty?

Ain't it a beauty?

Ahhh … the All-Knowing US Health Insurance Industry.  The bridge troll of health care. The billion dollar entity that we pay for health insurance coverage.   Yes sir, they’ll gladly accept our premium checks just in time to turn around and say “Sorry, we won’t pay for that particular treatment, surgery, procedure or medication.”

Bless their hearts.

Last week, I checked in with my lupus doctor.  He wants to continue the immunoglobulin infusions that I started in August.  The infusions are working and my autoantibodies are binding to the immunoglobulin instead of my connective tissues … kinda like a bait and switch technique.

But usually there’s always a catch, and this one has to do with my insurance coverage.  Apparently the insurance carrier won’t cover this treatment.  They will, however, cover treatment for plasmapheresis, or plasma exchange.  I’m gonna get myself hooked up to what looks kind of like a dialysis machine that will remove my my not-so-great plasma and replace it with filtered healthy plasma.  I get to go to the hospital for this and unfortunately won’t be able to stroll around with an IV poll.  I also get to do this about 3-4 times over the next month or so.  For this, I’m forced to lay in a bed for 6 hours.  And of course, this procedure has more risks of complications.  This time, I get to have a needle in my arm AND my leg.

Gives new meaning to the phrase “I’d give my arm and a leg for a ___________.”

At the moment, I think I’d like to finish that sentence with “a stiff drink.”

What would YOU give an arm and a leg for?