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Boxes, Bins and Flowers


One week from today I’ll be living in another city.  I’m up to the task of moving and the adventure that comes along with it.

The Moving Tower of St Louis

The Moving Tower of St. Louis

This week I had a semi-surprise goodbye party hosted by The Ten-Thirty Singers, a church music group I’ve been singing with for over 25 years.  Today I enjoyed a goodbye lunch with some great gal-pals … the PMS Girls (which stands for Peggy, Pam, Mary Anne and Sue).  Nothing like a 3 hour lunch on a Saturday to motivate you to take an afternoon nap.  I’ve been toasted, gifted, regaled with flowers and hugged to the max!

Next week I am hosting several packing parties at my place.  Amazing the things some people will do for a free lunch.

Boxes and bins are my new best friends.  I’ve acquired quite the selection of plastic bins with locking handles.  I even went so far as to delegate colors for certain rooms.  The pink ones are storage, blue for my bedroom, green handles for dining room, and purple handles for linens.  They stack and won’t fall apart.  They will never end up in a landfill because I like them too much, so in a way, I’m “going green” … or pink or blue.  I never thought I’d be one of those people who color coded anything.  I used to laugh at them.  Now I’ve become one of them.

At first I was strolling down memory lane while sorting all my worldly goods.   I was getting nothing accomplished.  Now I am ruthless about what stays or goes.  Goodwill has been happy to see me recently.  What I don’t keep is going to charity.  I have no patience for selling stuff on Craig’s List.

Surviving a move when you have lupus or any chronic illness is a tricky little game to master.  So to keep sane I work in small increments of time, sandwiched with a bit of  rest, like writing this post.    I try not to do more than 5 hours of work a day.  Hopefully, my joints will not protest and my vascular problems will remain quiet.   You won’t seem me outside much on Moving Day.  It will be hotter than hell and I will have the assistance of my son and a couple of his strong high school buddies doing all the lifting and shoving.  Having physical limitations can come with some benefits, such as help from others and I have no problems letting people move heavy stuff.

I did have a bit of a situation while cleaning last week.  I kept smelling something yucky in the living room.  At first I thought it was food or cat barf but the smell wasn’t constant.  Then I thought that maybe it was ME, as I was sweating up a storm and was possibly stinking up the house.  Finally, I decided to move the furniture around to look for the source of the by now, rancid smell.  So under the couch I found the source of the problem.  A dead bird.

Natural born killers?  Not so much.

Natural born killers? Not so much.

I immediately grabbed some paper towels, threw it out, and fumigated my house. Then I started wondering just where in the hell did it come from?  I mean really, how did it get inside my house?  Did the cats kill it?  If they did, why didn’t they eat the damn thing?  That’s what cats are supposed to do.

My only concern with the cats at this point is the 2 hour drive to another city.  They are not fans of cat carriers and car rides.  I’m expecting them to howl and shed all the way to Cape.  Who knows what will happen when we arrive at our new home.  Stay tuned.

I’ve moved a total of nine times in my life, most of them as a single mom.  By my standards, that’s a lot of moving, but I know people who have moved a lot more than that.  Moving sucks, but on the other hand, if I lived in one place all these years I would have accumulated too much stuff.  At least moving forces me to clean up and throw out. And by now, I’ve learned a thing or two.

One, get yourself some bins and forget the boxes.

Two, if you must use boxes, go for the paper boxes with lids. 

Three, don’t pack everything too soon, or you’ll be digging through your kitchen stuff to make dinner, like I’m doing tonight. 

Four, hang on to wrapping paper … my friend MaryAnne gave me 5 enormous bags of white paper left over from her move a couple years ago.  What a lifesaver! 

Five, and this is the most important, let people help you.

When the dust settles, I’ll start blogging again and fill you in on the details of my great adventure.


Julian Lennon’s “Lucy” and lupus


Julian Lennon's "Lucy in the sky with diamonds"

Julian Lennon and Lucy Vodden were childhood friends.  Contrary to the myth that John Lennon’s song, Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, was all about drugs and LSD, it was actually based on a watercolor painting by his young son.  Julian had given the painting to his father, and told him it was a picture of his friend Lucy, who was in the sky with diamonds.

On December 15, Julian Lennon will release a single inspired by Lucy Vodden, his childhood friend, who recently passed away after a long battle with lupus.  He had reconnected with her about two years ago and this song pays tribute to her life and their friendship.  Proceeds from purchases of the single entitled “Lucy” will be available at iTunes from December 15 to January 1, and equally shared by the St. Thomas’ Lupus Trust and the Lupus Foundation of America.

Julian was 4 years old when he made the now famous picture for his father.  He recently remarked that Lucy will “always be a diamond in my sky.”  Lucy always said that the least important thing about her was the connection to the Beatles song but never missed the opportunity to use it if she thought could gain publicity for this fantastic charity which supported her.

Well done, Julian.  Thank you for your artistry, your insight and your generosity.

Ike in Missouri


I live smack in the middle of the United States far away from large bodies of water. Hurricane Ike rolls through Texas a few days ago and we’ve all seen the destructive path it took.  Including Missouri … a very landlocked state.

We had 5 inches of rain on Sunday morning.  Flooding from local creeks wiped out homes and businesses.  A nearby lumberyard flooded and tons of lumber, cars and trucks floated thru streets, parks and into buildings.  About a mile from my house a rising creek trapped some apartment dwellers who were later evacuated by boats.  Boats!  One lady died when a tree uprooted in her front yard and fell on her.  Another lady was swept away by water.  Her body was discovered floating in the Mississippi ten miles from her house.  One of the women I work with was left homeless when her apartment suddenly flooded Sunday morning.  In a matter of minutes, water from a nearby creek forced five feet of water inside.  She was lucky to escape with her two children, but has lost everything else.  When my sister went to church on Sunday morning, she learned that the front door was blown off by gusty wind.

In Missouri we worry mostly about tornado season.  We’re used to the Mississippi River and the Missouri River flowing out of their banks.  We’re also in the New Madrid fault for earthquake activity.  Hurricaine weather is not on the list of impending disasters in the midwest.

Oh well, what’s one more?  Thank God it wasn’t a tsunami.

You Can’t Fix Stupid


I guess some folks are just born stupid.   Here’s one example.

Mr. Lorenzo Harvey was charged today in St. Louis of robbing a video game store at gunpoint.  His reason?  His family was being held hostage and he needed a Playstation 3 to get them released.  He allegedly displayed a handgun to the clerk, who promptly handed it over.  Before he left the store, he asked the clerk to call the police because his family needed help.  So they did.

Why why why are some people so stupid?!?  If he had any class he would have taken a Wii.   I know a similar story where some guy held 4 people hostage in a cave.  Eventually, this nitwit wanted some beer and sent 2 of the hostages on a beer run.  I don’t know if they picked up any beer, but they certainly picked up the police.

When Lorenzo gets out of jail, maybe he’ll have better luck with Playstation 5.

Big Time Crime In A Little Town


In January 2007, the pervert who kidnapped/assaulted/enslaved 14-year-old Shawn Hornbeck for over 4 years was caught in my home town. This year in my little town, Charles Lee “Cookie” Thornton walked into a city council meeting, shot and killed 5 people, wounding 2, including the mayor, who is still recovering from brain trauma. Michael Devlin, the kidnapper, was sentenced to life with no parole. Cookie Thornton was shot dead at the scene.

The crime reports listed below are from my community newspaper and are true. I’m thankful that, at least for a while this summer, my little town didn’t contribute tragic headlines to CNN.

From the Webster-Kirkwood Times:

Incident #1

# Officers responded July 31 to an accident at McKnight and Old Warson caused by a diabetic episode. Further investigation revealed the incident happened in Ladue. The scene was turned over to Ladue police.

(I’m so relieved the officers now know who works where.)

Incident #2

# Officers responded Aug. 1 to the 1300 block of Warson when a neighbor saw a strange subject in the residence. The subject was the resident’s boyfriend waiting for her to come home.

(Just how strange was the subject? Come to think of it, how strange is the neighbor?)

Incident #3

# A husband on Salem Hills reported Aug. 1 his wife had been missing for two months. Officers, believing something fishy was going on, conducted an investigation. The wife was located at her son’s residence. She said she was divorcing her husband and had moved in with her son. Upon hearing this information, the husband’s only response was that he forgot.

(Two months? He waits two months and couldn’t figure out (on his own) where she was? Yeah, that’s fishy.

For all the big time crime reports in Webster Groves, click away: Area Crime Reports: Webster-Kirkwood Times.



HMMMMM … I’m guessing it’s really hard to remember exactly how many properties, when there’s more than …. four? five? SIX?

Then again, they’re owned by his wife.  I guess that doesn’t count.

John McCain’s family owns at least eight properties — not the seven Democrats are alleging or the four McCain’s staff identified — according to a Politico analysis of property and tax records, as well as interviews.

McCain family owns 8 properties – Kenneth P. Vogel –