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The Gift of Disappointment


My sister gets the credit for introducing this catchy little phrase into our family eons ago.  I frequently used it on my son when he was little.  Oh no Mom … I don’t want The Gift! Recently, I’ve been using it on myself and it isn’t fun.

Last week I had plans to sing for a special church service.  I went to the rehearsals, changed my calender around to accommodate this gig and even planned what I was going to wear, which is so not like me.

So the big day comes and I’m feeling lousy.  I have a fever.  My legs feel like concrete.  My body is trying to tell me to stop, slow down and rest.  Argghhh!  I honestly had no choice but to accept the gift of disappointment and stay home.

I did not want to accept The Gift.  I don’t like giving it, either.  And I don’t like having lupus.

Despite lupus and all the personal disappointments that go along with it, I am learning how to say “no.”  My survival depends on it.  I’m getting better at asking for help if I need it.  It’s a little easier for me to RSVP with a “thanks for the invite, but I can’t.”  I don’t always feel the need to justify my excuse if I have to cancel plans at the last minute.

When I sat down to write this entry, I expected to find the tie-in … the common thread …. to living with a chronic illness like lupus.  But The Gift is suitable for anyone attempting to find their own way in this world.

The Gift is not an excuse, mind you.  But it can be a blessing.