Check back, as the list will certainly get longer.

63-I thought I knew the names of all types of precipitation.  However, the terms “Freezing Drizzle” and “Freezing Fog” are new.  And annoying.

62-I’m not feelin the love when it comes to Christmas shopping.

61-I’m a devout American Idol fan.  Simon may piss everybody off, but he’s usually correct.

60-I’m a seriously picky vegetable eater.  Don’t even ask me about brussel sprouts.

59-This year, I discovered that I enjoy  fresh, roasted beets, like the kind my daughter-in-law makes.  Maybe it’s because of the pecans and maple syrup mixed in with the beets and butter nut squash.

58-Okra is a furry, slimy excuse of a vegetable.

57-I’m perfectly comfortable singing in front of a large crowds of people that I don’t know.

56-Singing for a small group of people I know makes me nervous.

55-Don’t even ask me to stand up and give a speech.

54-Most people call me Sue.  Nuns and people who don’t know me call me Susan.  My family calls me Susie.

53-One of my biggest joys in life is cooking for people I love.

52-I used to think I would re-marry someday.  Now I’m not so sure about that.

51-I moved from a 3 bedroom home with a yard to a 2 bedroom “townhome”.  Translated … NO MORE YARD WORK. No leaves to rake.  No grass to cut.  Nirvana!

50-I still like to garden and am content to indulge in container gardening and planters.  I have a 6+ foot tree in my dining room that I haven’t killed yet.

49-I prefer hardware stores to shopping malls.  And I prefer on-line shopping to malls.  In fact, I really dislike malls in general.  Well maybe antique malls … but my limit is 30 minutes.

48-Yes.  It’s true.  I color outside the lines.

47-I read magazines starting at the back.  Less stupid ads to wade through.

46-I first sprained my ankle when I was 14.  I was running cross country and thought I could jump down a flight of 12 concrete stairs … outside.  Actually, I made it down the stairs.  The landing was less than perfect.

45-My approach to aging is kinda like my father’s.  When he turned 70 he decided he would get a year younger on his birthdays.  So when he passed away at the age of 80, he was really only 60.

44-The so-called allure of video games completely escapes me.

43-For the life of me, I cannot remember jokes.  But I will laugh at yours.

42-I wear flip-flops year ’round.  Maybe that’s why I broke my toe this year.

41-My hands and feet are double jointed.  Don’t get any weird ideas about that, now.

40-My mother almost named me Amber or Michelle.  Glad she decided on Susan.

39-I have a phobic aversion to crossing bridges.  Especially rickity ones.

38-There’s a really gross scar on my left knee from when I fell off my bike.  instead of getting stitches, my mom just cut the skin off and it took forever to heal.  Blech.

37-My favorite color is yellow.

36-I am adept at gleeking on command.  If you don’t know what that is, look it up.

35-In grade school orchestra I played the xylophone.  And it wasn’t pretty.

34-More than one case of soda has been known to explode in my car.

33-I was born an Aries but don’t fit the description.  Guess my moon is rising somewhere else or something like that?

32-Once I accidentally boiled all my son’s aquarium fish by turning the heater too high. My bad. Sorry, Matthew.

31-I’m still considering the thought of getting a tattoo on my ankle but can’t make up my mind on the design so there you are.

30-I do not like coffee.

29-Unless it’s some white chocolate mocha something with whipped cream.

28-I do not like beer.

27-I do not like tea.

26-I worked for a non-profit organization called Acid Rescue.  Yes, it was all about drugs.

25-I once knew the names of most all the popular street drugs in the 70’s and 80’s.

24-When a “client” called the hotline freaking out because he had swallowed himself, I told him to throw up.  It worked.

23-I am allergic to ibuprofen.

22-At age 5, I almost fell off a ferris wheel.  If my father hadn’t caught my leg after the seat collapsed, I’d be dead because we were second from the top when it happened.

21-In 1973, I drove Brian Wilson (Beach Boys) from a restaurant I was at to his hotel.

20-My “prostitute name” would be Pandy Middlebush.

19- Once, just once, I went on a blind date.  I actually thought this guy was blind but turns out he had new contacts.

18-I play an acoustic guitar.  It’s a 1972 Martin D-18.

17-I was raised in a  Catholic household that does not observe Lent on St. Patrick’s Day.  Yes, I’m Irish and we get the day off.

16-While vacationing in Ireland, the bus i was on crashed into a bridge overpass.  It was a slow news day because the story was picked up by CNN.

15-How did I survive the bus crash?  We had just left the Jamison Whiskey Distillery.  Me and my bottles were unscathed.

14-I’m a purse snob.

13-I took piano lessons for 10 years and practiced about 3 hours a day.  I still don’t understand music theory.

12-I’ve always had cats.  Right now, I have 2 … Charlie and Tigger.  Charlie is an orange tabby and is very laid back.  Tigger is a brown tabby and is a spazmo.

11-I like dogs as long as they don’t slobber on my face or sniff my ass.  Or drool.

10-I once owned a baby blue Pinto.  It never exploded.

9-I type 90+ words a minute.

8-My fantasy job would be working as a photo journalist for National Geographic.

7-Ringo and George were fab, Paul was the cutest, but John was my favorite.

6-I work for a doctor and wear scrubs/lab coats.  And the scary thing about that is people think I know a lot about the medical profession.  I don’t.

5-My favorite cuss word is F$@K.  It’s so versatile … can be a noun, a verb, an adjective.  And I just realized it’s easier for me to say it out loud than to write it.

4-Last year I took up painting.  It is a whole lot harder than it looks but I totally enjoy it.

3-I have Parking Karma … the uncanny ability to find a good space to park.

2-Football is my favorite spectator sport.

1-In 1967, I memorized an obscure poem written by John Lennon, entitled The Toy Boy.  And I still remember it, which is kinda scary because I don’t remember a lot of really important stuff.

7 responses »

  1. I love this! Keeping a list of random thoughts, likes and dislikes. I might be a tag a long and copy you on this (my blog) one of these days. Great inspiration!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I see from your list we have a lot in common. The craziest one is that I read magazines starting at the back and I have no reason for it. I never thought anyone else did it. I wear birkenstocks year round. I just wear them with heavy socks in the winter.

    My daughter and I are going to get mother and daughter tattoos together. She is almost 30 years old.

    I used to have a Martin guitar back in the 70’s.

    I have three black cats. I love kitties.

    I have parking karma too but I also have a handicapped parking placard so it sort of makes it easy for me.

    I will add you to my blog roll too.

    Oh, I don’t have lupus but I had many customers who had it when I owned my health food store. I know it sucks. Oh, and I use the F word daily. Ha! Ha!

    I love love love my Birke’s with wool socks in the wintertime!!! We are such trendsetters 🙂

  3. Had to come by and see who runs the blog with the wicked name!
    And to say thank you, and to maybe dig around the archives if that’s ok?
    I promise not to stalk you, my shrink told me all it was doing was adding to my maniacal mind, so I gave it up…and I’ve found axe murdering is much more fun anyway!
    Don’t be concerned if you see me wandering the halls late at night, I tend to have trouble sleeping

  4. 1. I’m jealous of your #18 ability
    2. Cats rock
    3. #24 – lolol my favorite!

    Well I can’t say I’m really GOOD at playing guitar, but if my house was on fire and I could only grab one thing, it would probably be my guitar. 🙂

  5. #61

    Really makes you wonder who told those people they could sing in the first place. Had someone mentioned something, what Simon says might not come as news to them…

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