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You Can’t Fix Stupid


I guess some folks are just born stupid.   Here’s one example.

Mr. Lorenzo Harvey was charged today in St. Louis of robbing a video game store at gunpoint.  His reason?  His family was being held hostage and he needed a Playstation 3 to get them released.  He allegedly displayed a handgun to the clerk, who promptly handed it over.  Before he left the store, he asked the clerk to call the police because his family needed help.  So they did.

Why why why are some people so stupid?!?  If he had any class he would have taken a Wii.   I know a similar story where some guy held 4 people hostage in a cave.  Eventually, this nitwit wanted some beer and sent 2 of the hostages on a beer run.  I don’t know if they picked up any beer, but they certainly picked up the police.

When Lorenzo gets out of jail, maybe he’ll have better luck with Playstation 5.


The Birdmen of Bosnia


Book ’em Dano …

SARAJEVO:   Bosnian police have impounded a pigeon after discovering prisoners used it to smuggle drugs into one of the countrys highest security jails, an official said Thursday.

“The guards suspected the animal might be involved in drug smuggling once they noticed four prisoners visibly intoxicated shortly after the pigeon landed on a prison window,” Zenica prison official Josip Pojavnik told AFP.    The bird is no stool pigeon though.  He didn’t rat out his accomplice.  He upheld The Pigeon Code.  Or something like that …

All four inmates had tested positive for heroin, said Pojavnik, adding disciplinary proceedings had been launched against the inmates.  The drugs, he added, had probably been stuffed into tiny bags attached to the legs of the carrier pigeon, which one of the prisoners had previously been allowed to keep as a pet in his cell.  I’m thinkin the birds were fed up with working for just birdseed.  Those tiny little bags attached to their little bitty legs was the last straw.

The pigeon had been taken into custody by police, who have launched an investigation aimed at identifying those who had loaded it up with the drugs. “We do not know what to do with the pigeon, but for the time being it will remain behind bars,” Pojavnik said.    What about representation?  What about the rights of the pigeon, huh?  This tragedy is for the birds!!

A similar case of carrier pigeons being used by prisoners was reportedly uncovered earlier this year at a jail in Brazil, where the birds were being used to deliver drugs and even mobile telephones.  Mobile cell phones delivered to cells by pigeons.  Burt Lancaster would be proud.

It’s always something.