Whatever It Takes


Carry on.  Keep your wits about you.  It could be worse.  One day at a time.  Stay optimistic.


Trite and banal?  Yes.  But this type of self-talk is what works for me right now.  Doing whatever it takes to stay functional in my little world is what I need to do.  Health problems.  Money problems.  Car problems.  Family problems.  Lord knows we all have them.  And my little collection of the aforementioned stuff seems to be ramping up just beyond my usual level of tolerance.


I haven’t been blogging regularly.  My intention is to get back on track and write more often.  Some things (like writing) I don’t miss until I stop doing or seeing or experiencing them and then out of nowhere, I realize, “…Hey, what the hell happened to LupusRanting?  Did she vanish?  Win the lottery?  Wind up on a milk carton?  WTF? …”

For those of you who stop by regularly, thanks for stopping by regularly.

Me and my bad attitude aren’t going anywhere.  For now.  Whatever it takes to carry on.


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  1. you know… i dont know who decided that wisdom so clearly wise that it’s regularly repeated should be considered banal. it’s wisdom because it’s true – and it’s the same sentiment that keeping me one step ahead of my bad mood 🙂

  2. Love your new banner.
    Love the poster for optimism.
    Glad you’re not on the “missing” list or the side of a milk carton!

    Thank you so much! The banners are usually photos I have taken. The current one was from an orchid show.

  3. Right now, forgetting I have problems is the only thing that keeps me going. I can’t imagine what you are going through, sorry girl. Keeping positive helps, and find a theme song to carry on with. How about the “One Day At A Time” theme song?

    A great idea!!

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