The Farmville Life


I’ve been busy building a plantation in Farmville.  It’s a Facebook application that I told myself I wouldn’t get involved with because I’m a very, very busy person who has absolutely no time for such nonsense.  That was two weeks ago.

I am now the owner of  TWO houses, a collection of animals, trees, crops, a barn, farming equipment, a lake, flowers, a groundhog, a dairy, a golden troll, various topiaries, and heaven only knows what else.  And I’m just a BEGINNER.  The object of this game (at least I think there’s an object here somewhere) is to grow crops, fertilize your neighbor’s farms, give them presents, and earn money to grow more crops, buy buildings and animals, and expand your farm.  You can win ribbons and magic eggs!  It’s a never-ending cycle.

In order to play Farmville, you  need neighbors.  Lots of neighbors.  I have friends who were already playing this game, so I started off with a few.  But if you want to get anywhere, you find more Farmville friends.  So you go hunting for neighbors.  It’s like a dating referral service … sort of.  Now I have neighbors from all over the world.  But I can always use more.

Honestly, I don’t know how I was swept up into this virtual universe, but here I am.  Checking to see when I can harvest my tomatoes or pumpkins.  Collecting  eggs in the chicken coop.

Before you go dissing this insipid pastime, think about this.  Over the weekend, my sister was snowed in with 10 inches of the white stuff.  Her city was hit hard and nobody was plowing, shoveling or digging.  My sister’s kids, neighbors, and friends were not available to shovel her driveway, clean off her car, etc.  She was stuck.  And she had plans to go out of town to celebrate our brother’s 50th birthday.  Obviously, she couldn’t go anywhere.  HOWEVER …. I have a friend on Farmville, who is also a real-life friend and lives a couple miles from my sister.  We were chatting on-line about our farms Saturday morning when she mentioned that her driveway just got plowed.  I told her about my sister’s unfortunate situation and the next thing I know, My FARMVILLE NEIGHBOR sends her snowplow guys over to my sister’s house!  See how wonderful Farmville is?  Sort of?

If nothing else, it’s an eternity away from dealing with lupus and medication.  For me, that’s a good thing.

So far, I’m keeping up with household chores, paying bills, and running errands.  I haven’t totally lost my mind in Farmville … yet.

And if you want to be my neighbor, let me know.


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  1. … i have crows and gophers eating my crops. my son said i have the worst farmville in the world

    You poor thing! Tell you son to be a good neighbor and take care of that for you!

  2. Just found your Blog this morning. I am kind of new to facebook & have “thought” about trying farmville. But, a little scared of the thought of me glued to the computer screen, unshowered & addicted. I just might give it a try though. Have a great weekend!

    Have fun with it! And thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. I just can’t get into facebook at all. I don’t hesitate to spit the hook out and run within on minute of signing on. Please don’t hate me. 😛 But good luck with your farm anyway. 😉

  4. LOL. I know myself and my uncanny ability to get addicted to those games and that is why I don’t do them but you are right that there is some good there, especially for your sister in this case! 🙂 Funny post. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  5. I just came across your blog on National Lupus Day. After years of being “not well” in various ways I developed iridiocyclitis which, in combination with some lab tests, points toward lupus. I have not seen the rheumatologist yet, but I am trying to learn what I can about the disease.

    I included a link to my farm, in case you are still looking for neighbors in Farmville. I have maybe 50, but it is always fun to meet new people!


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