The Up Side of Lupus


Having lupus doesn’t mean I’m out of options to live a full life … at least most of the time.   And there are plenty of things I don’t have to worry about.


1.  Even though all my siblings and both  parents had some form of skin cancer, I most likely will not get it.  My skin is fair and I totally avoid the sun.

2.  I’ll never have a skiing accident because sun, glare, and cold keeps me off the slopes.  However, I’ll join you for a drink in the lodge any time.

3.  Don’t have to cut the grass in the summer because it’s too hot.  Then again, I live in a townhouse anyway and somebody else deals with the yard.

4.  I get to indulge in at least 8 hours of sleep a day.  Plus naps.  Honestly, if I couldn’t get this much sleep, I’d be a walking zombie.

5.  If I can’t remember something, I blame it on lupus fog.  It’s more interesting than just getting old and forgetful, don’t you think?

6.  Do I have to schlep tons of groceries from the store, to the car, to the garage into the house? Not if I’m not up for that.  Delivery when the weather is fugly is totally cool and worth every penny.

7.  Having an autoimmune disorder can work to your advantage during the holiday shopping season.  Given all the immune suppressing drugs I’m on, I’ve become a germ magnet.  No Target.  No malls.  No Home Depot.  Shopping on line is not only heavenly, it keeps me in the Christmas spirit.  No more parking lot fury over the idiot that took my spot!

8.  On those days or nights when I’m staying home because I’m too tired to go anywhere, I usually remember the consequences of pushing too much and not being able to walk the next day.  Given the choice, hanging around the house doesn’t seem so bad.

9.  Long sleeves!  At the risk of sounding ridiculous, long sleeves cover up not only middle age arms, but also bruises and vascular rashes.  And clothes with a UV rating of 50+ do a super job of protecting the skin!

10.  Last year I tinted my car windows.  I can drive anywhere without worrying about the sun.  Plus my car stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  If not for lupus I probably wouldn’t have my car pimped out so nicely.

11.  This may sound strange, but meeting other “lupies” on-line or in-person is good for the soul.  There is strength in numbers and knowing you’re not alone is always a comfort.

12.  I’m fortunate to have a local Lupus Foundation of America branch in the city where I live.  Any local chapter of the LFA can be a great resource for living well with lupus.


Sure, having lupus is a drag.  But there’s an up side to everything.  You just have to look for it.





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  1. Now if more people looked for the ups instead of focusing on the downs, their life would be so much better.
    Let me know when you’re gonna be in that lodge and I’ll buy you a drink

    Great! I’ll take you up on that 🙂

  2. Good on you for looking at the bright side! I also do some of those things because of sensitivity to the sun, eczema, the advent of Online shopping, and my hatred of crowds. I count my blessings daily. Cheers!

  3. I don’t know you but I ran across this in tag surfer and I have to say you have made my day with your optimism.

    Thank you.

    Complements are always accepted with great appreciation! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  4. Lupus backwards is supul , which makes me feel delicate and dainty and dignified.

    I can also scream out STUPID LUPUS when angry and make people laugh.

    Lupus has connected me to other people who have immune system problems, so we can all malfunction together.

    Lupus finally gave me something to say to people when they asked me what my flaws were… because other then that I am perfect 😉

    I like how scared people get when I tell them I have lupus and ask if I can touch them.

    I like when people ask me if its contagious and I tell them “only on Wednesdays. – subsequently asking above question during that time.”

    I like asking them after I touch them if it itches.

    I love to show my boyfriend my blue fingers and lips and ask for CPR.

    I often connect the purple or red dots on my toes and see if I can make pictures.

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