White Nights


Lately, I’ve been having trouble falling asleep.  It’s very frustrating.  Some of you might be reading this post in the middle of the night and can relate.  Since I can’t sleep I might as well write.  At least I feel I’m doing something positive with all this free time on my hands.  Actually, it really isn’t free time because I know that sometime tomorrow afternoon I’ll be taping my eyelids to my forehead.


I don’t really have a bedtime routine.  Maybe that’s the problem.  But I’m perfectly capable of relaxing, getting cozy in bed, maybe reading a little bit, or watching something I’ve taped on television.  A little Tylenol PM, or something stronger usually does the trick.  Sometimes the brain just won’t shut down.  I start thinking.  And thinking.  And making lists in my head.  And playing out scenarios of possible future events.  God knows I must be prepared.  I tell my brain to shut the hell up.  My brain doesn’t listen …. it has a will beyond my control.

Yeah I make grocery lists.  To Do Lists for the office.  And I come up with what I think are stunningly brilliant ideas for a music project, an art project …. you name it.  But I’m trying to fall asleep, dammit, and so I don’t take the time to sit up and write anything on paper.  Maybe that’s a good thing.   What seems like a great idea in the middle of the night can look pretty stupid in the light of day.  I lived through the 70’s and 80’s and 90’s.  Enough said.  Now that I have my own personal forum of random rants, I’m taking a chance and depositing some of the loose screws in my head right here, right now.  Maybe this will help me fall asleep.  It’s worth a try.


Between June 11 to July 2  St. Petersburg, Russia, celebrates what they call The White Nights.  During this time, the sun does not go below the horizon deep enough for the sky to become dark. It’s a veritable Mecca for insomniacs.  And I’m sure their festivals are lots of fun.  Hmmmm … vodka 24/7.  Not a bad idea!

2:00 am in St. Petersburg

2:00 am in St. Petersburg

As I sit here, my two cats are looking at me.  They are both curled up, totally relaxed and have not a care in the world.  Maybe that’s because they are cats with little brains and the ability to sleep with their feet over their face.  My gray tabby, Tigger is actually looking at me upside down.  But it’s easy for him to be distracted and now he’s licking his ass.  Lovely.

Well, at least the crickets and other bugs are still up and making their end-of-the-summer bug sounds.  However, at some point they too will shut up.   Insects are classified as arthropods.  I know this because it’s late at night and I have time to Google random information about bugs.  I could be doing something more productive like laundry but that would involve actually moving and going up and down stairs. I could try wandering around Facebook looking for new games and applications.  It’s easy to get lost in the Facebook Vortex.  Maybe I’ll give it a try and will let you know if it works or not.

butterfly5So if you’re reading this in the middle of your own personal White Night, or in the morning, or depending on where you are, I wish you sweet dreams.  We can all use a little extra  Zzzzz’s.


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  1. I ate a few fingers of dark chocolate late last night – bad move, because good quality chocolate contains a hit of caffeine.
    When I did (eventually) go to sleep, I dreamt that I was watching a ballet with a huge optician chart projected on the wall behind the dancers. Hmmm.
    Hope you get some sleep tonight.

    That is one strange dream you had going on!

  2. I’d like to say that sleep is overrated, but rats it’s not. It’s an elusive sprite that runs away at night but is tantalizingly close at 2 pm! There should be cots at work…

    Now you’re talking! 🙂

  3. I hear you so loudly on your head refusing to shut up, even if it’s for different reasons.
    I’ve been like it for years and it drives me nuts {not that I had far to go, but that’s not really the issue!}
    I’ve found, over time, that no matter what i do, how many lists I make, until my head is ready to shut the hell up, it’s not going to, thus I’m a bit of a night owl.
    I have no solutions for you, but should you find yourself at a loose end at 3 in the morning, feel free to use my in box should you need to vent some frustration about the situation overall

    Will do! 🙂

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