Hang Em High


It all started when I began thinking about the strange randomness of the single shoe found on roadsides.  How did it get there?  Was it thrown out on purpose or just carelessly tossed aside?  Who knows?  And who cares?

That’s when I decided to Google “random shoes.”  I found photos of this tree in Hawthorne, Nevada.

Shoes in Tree
Shoes in Tree

Apparently the custom is to sling your shoes up in the tree after you’ve experienced a certain rite of passage.  Ahem.  The tree is dead, by the way, perhaps by way of stinky feet.  And maybe the tire was a tribute to ah, uh …  whatever.

Then  I remembered a tree on a college campus in Cape Girardeau.  It’s called the Bubble Gum Tree.  And obviously, it’s decorated with bubble gum placed by students over a long ….. long period of time.

Gum in Tree
Gum in Tree

If you look past the grossness of all that dried up gum and simply take in the color and shape of it all … nah.  It still looks like gum in a tree.  I wonder what happens when it gets rained on?  Or really hot?

At this point, I found myself searching for pictures of trees that had random and unusual objects placed on them, hanging out there for all the world to see.

This is what happens when you spend too much time clicking away on the internet in the middle of the night because you can’t sleep.  I became consumed with the need to find unusual, yet interesting things to share with you, Dear Readers.

In other words, I kinda got a little crazy.  But not as crazy as some of these pictures!


Bras in Tree
Bras in Tree

Once again from the good people of Hawthorne, Nevada  … I give you (ta da) The Bra Tree.  I don’t think this one requires any explanation.   And yes, this tree is also dead.  Very dead.


However ….

Hankies in Tree
Hankies in Tree

I came across  this nice little tree that is not dead but rather, playing host to a billion yellow hankies.  Very nice.

It’s amazing what a little imagination and a wide angle lens can do.


Dress in Tree
Dress in Tree

Some of my tree-hanging finds were quite artistic, like this tree photographed with summer dresses and soft lights.  Photographed by Tim Walker.


Bat in Tree
Bats in Tree

In New Guinea these critters hanging from a tree are called flying foxes.  Yeah.  But we all know they are bats.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


Bottles in Tree
Bottles in Tree

This one I like a lot.  There’s a lady in South Carolina that has several  blue bottle trees in her yard.  According to her, there is an old African myth that evil spirits can be captured in blue bottles.

I just might start collecting blue bottles.  They are very pretty!


Car in Tree
Truck in Tree

I have every reason to believe that some guy stuck this truck  between two trees.   He’s either pissed off at somebody and hauled it up there OR thought it would be a great treehouse for his kids OR is advertising it close by some highway.

Actually, it could be for any reason …. or no reason.


Cats in Tree
Cats in Tree

Whoever managed to get these three cats in a tree and take their picture is my hero. These three amigos all look relatively calm and collected about it.  After all, they are cats.

And cats do climb trees.


Christmas in Tree ... sort of
Christmas in Tree … sort of

Finally, here’s a Christmas tree.  It’s not a tree with stuff hanging from its branches, but it’s colorful, it’s made of glass, and I hope to God nobody knocks it over.

Although these trees are all very interesting in their own special way, I prefer to enjoy trees that are unadorned with man-made objects.  Mother Nature does a pretty good job all by Herself!


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  1. It’s fun to go on these little internet hunts once in a while. It’s amazing to see the collections of images out there when you just search on a seemingly simple subject. It was fun looking at these. I agree with you that the blue bottles are pretty – but probably better in a window catching the light then stuck on a poor tree! 😉

  2. My kittens throw themselves daily in trees. To play, sleep and sometimes fall down.

    They all seem to have an easier time going up than down!

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