Spring Break 2009


A little heaven on earth ...

Last  week I drove to Wisconsin for a visit with my son and daughter-in-law.  I treasure these times when we can spend more than a couple days together.

Laura is currently enrolled in a graduate program at University of Wisconsin-Madison.  She’s majoring in Agro-Ecology, They found a wonderful place to live while she’s enrolled ….  a certified organic farm in Cottage Grove, Wisconsin called West Star Farm.  The farm itself is busy getting ready for springtime planting and the greenhouses are buzzing with activity!  The photo above is the main barn at West Star, and obviously was taken in the summer.  I got to meet Amy, the farm’s full-time manager, and Bev, who is also a student that lives on the farm.  I  met several roosters and hens, lovely birds that are senior citizens.  They don’t lay many eggs, but are beautiful to watch … two sisters and their RIC (Rooster In Charge), a dapper fellow who likes to crow alot.    I’m a city girl, so spending time on this amazing farm is quite a thrill for me.  And the night sky!  The heavens were filled with so many stars!  It was beautiful to sit outside at night.

Yesterday, my son gave me a tour of the work he’s doing for the Sand County Foundation.  Matt’s an arborist who specializes in ecologic land restoration and preservation.  He’s currently working with the Aldo Leopold Foundation.

Aldo Leopold (1887-1948) father of wildlife ecology

Aldo Leopold (1887-1948) father of wildlife ecology

Matthew’s field studies are fascinating.  Maybe it’s the mother in me that’s a little nuts, but I’m more than proud of the work that Matt and Laura are involved with.

During my visit we spent time cooking and baking … tried out a great biscotti recipe.  Laura and I went to a yarn shop and spent about an hour checking out wool, organic cotton, needles, etc.  Then we went home and started on our new projects.  We’re both novice knitters, so it was fun to have that to share.  Matt and I went shopping for leather boots for his work and I treated him to a big screen movie …. something he hasn’t indulged in for almost two years!  Unfortunately, it was a stupid, long, and ridiculous film but we had a good time anyway making fun of it and laughing afterwards.  It certainly made our Top Ten List of really bad movies!pict0038

On the last day of my spring break we went to Bayview, Wisconsin and had dinner at one of our favorite places, Cafe Lu Lu.  Laura’s brother and Matt’s former employer and mentor joined us  cafe-exterior3for a great evening .  Lots of stories, great food, good company and a full serving of laughter and general silliness!  These are the events that nourish my soul.  There is nothing more wonderful than spending time with the people you love and respect.  It was a perfect blend of family and friends, old and new.  I am truly blessed!

As I drove home this afternoon, I had already started missing my boy.  But he will be home for Easter and that will be upon us sooner than I know.  Leaving Wisconsin, the air was warm and full of promise.  As I drove south, the fields along the highway started greening up and coming home I discovered springtime had already started with the tulip trees and daffodils blooming.  Even the forsythia was in high gear!

I’m so ready for spring and flowers!


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  1. What a lovely post! You brightened my day with this one! After all the rants I read (and contribute) it was so nice to read your words describing your happiness. You son is gorgeous! Your daughter-in-law is a cutey! They look so happy!
    You’re right to feel proud! They’re doing meaninful, fulfilling work!
    Thanks for this ray of sunshine. It was a joy!

    You’re welcome 🙂 And my son is as kind and thoughtful as he is cute!

  2. Wow! What a great place to live! I’m so glad you got to spend some away time at this lovely spot with people you love. That always makes it so much nicer, don’t you think?

    I’m not a farm girl type person, but I would definitely love living there. It truly looks peaceful.

    It was peaceful! Most of all I had an opportunity to relax and re-energize … and knit 🙂

  3. Awesome pictures! I’m so ready for spring too. Technically, I guess it is already spring so I’m just waiting for more consistent weather to prove it here. LOL. I’m so glad you had a lovely time. I want to hear about your novice knitting projects as I am a novice also. 🙂

    Well Teeni, I’m really a novice … like, I know only one stitch. But to my credit, I’m getting pretty good at it. At the moment I’m working with some lovely dark blue wool with little flecks of purple to give it some depth. With a little luck, it will grow up to be a scarf and maybe even a Christmas gift!

  4. That sounds like a great time At our house we do mostly everything organic. Even the clothes that Sarah has bought for the baby are made of organic cotton. I can understand why you are so proud of your son and his wife. I am lucky to live with my daughter but I do miss my son. I haven’t seen him since last October. I can’t wait for my son-in-law to start our organic garden this year. It will be the first garden I have had in many years.

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