Four Things Meme




I picked this up from the Vaguetarian Tea Room (thanks Teeni) and am writing about four things.  Not tagging anybody here, but if you’d like to comment or take it on yourself, be my guest!  Since it’s January 4th, writing about four things seems like a good idea.  Here goes …

4 Places I go over and over:

1.  Work

2.  Home

3.  Kirkwood Nails (manicures = sanity)

4.  Drugstore

4 People who e-mail me regularly:

1.  My sister

2.  Peggy

3.  Chip

4.  Lisa

4 Favorite places to eat:

1.  Peggy’s house because EVERYTHING she cooks is terrific

2.  King Doh (it’s not Italian)

3.  Maggiano’s

4.  My place  🙂

4 Places I’d rather be:

1.  My sister’s living room or deck

2.  Waverly Beach, Lake Superior

3.  Kohler Andre Beach, Lake Michigan

4. Home, preferably not cleaning or doing laundry

4 TV shows I could watch over and over:

1.  The X-Files (quite the fan I am)

2.  Weeds

3.  The Dog Whisperer

4.  How Clean Is Your House?

4 Movies I could watch over and over:

1.  Dave

2. Out of Africa

3. Back To The Future

4. The Blues Brothers

4 People I hope will respond:

I only get 4?  Hell, I’ll settle for just one  🙂


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  1. Oh, wow. I’m glad you decided to take this on. I almost didn’t see it – my reader is overflowing and my incoming links thingy doesn’t seem to be working well anymore.

    Oooh – I love manicures too – they are the least expensive way to treat yourself to something, I think.

    So I take it you get along well with your sister? I think that is awesome. And I’ve got to stop reading where people like to eat because it just makes me hungry! LOL!

  2. I’m one of your four people responding. Hee hee hee! I love meme’s. They’re fun and easy fillers. I love The Blues Brothers, too! Another movie I can watch over and over is Ghost. Oh! And Sixteen Candles! And with that last one, I’ll shut my trap cause my shloppiness is beginning to show.

    You can keep on with the shloppiness as long as you want, girl!

  3. Yeah! you included the nail salon as one of the places you go over and over. It’s great that you recognize and share with us that you put yourself at the top of the list. Keep on pampering yourself. (I’m sure you have some great stories from the salon!)

  4. Ok, I’ll do 4 things:

    4 things I love to do:
    1. make jewelry
    2. take photos
    3. do decoupage
    4. EAT

    4 Favorite Memories:
    1. When my kids were born
    2. The morning after my 2nd wedding, off to our honeymoon with our lives before us
    3. Two days ago when my daughter called screeching that she is pregnant with my first grandchild!
    4. Taking my small son on a college trip to an art show in the city. He was enthralled and the class was enthralled by him
    5. (can i cheat here?) When I walked down the aisle to get my MSW diploma!

    4 Favorite People:
    1. My husband
    2. My daughter
    3. My son
    4. My sister

    Hey, this gets addicting, I’ve gotta run to work now! Ciao!

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