With A Little Help From My Friends


Tonight I’m saying a prayer of thanksgiving to the patron saint of cleaning … whoever he/she is.

For no good reason other than kindness and insanity (and maybe some M&M’s) two friends of mine came by after work today to help clean my skanky basement.  The basement has been a wet sloppy mess for months.  Rainwater has made little rivers of destruction downstairs, getting anything in it’s path wet before going down the drain.   The victims included empty boxes, bags of clothing, 2 kitty litter boxes, a mattress set, and misfit socks. It’s not hurricaine debris but it’s pretty gross.

Once I let my pride get out of the way, their help was invaluable.  After multiple bags of trash to the curb, a little Pine Sol and some serious scraping and scrubbing, I have a clean basement.  My friend Lisa told me that many hands make light work.  True!  She also assured me that a person doesn’t have to have lupus to  be overwhelmed with an icky basement. Very very true!

And so I learned a lesson tonight.  Actually, I re-learned many lessons:

1.    Sometimes people need a helping hand, not because they are sick or disabled, but because sometimes it’s hard to tackle messy projects by yourself.

2.   Friends will help you, even if you don’t ask for their help.  That’s what friends do for each other.

3.   Many hands really do make light work.

4.   Chocolate candy has more current value than mutual funds.

5.   The men and women who schlep big black heavy trash bags to the curb are saints.

I’m a lucky girl … with or without Lupus.


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  1. Thanks for the words of wisdom about the importance of connection. I often think that friends and family know more about what we need than we do. Pride is a difficult thing to tackle because it hinders us, almost shaming us in to inactivity.

    I too believe that chocolate is more valuable than mutual funds.

    Thanks for your honesty. Having you share these insights might allow many to kick their own garbage to the curb.

    I sure hope so! Thanks, Greg.

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