You Can’t Fix Stupid


I guess some folks are just born stupid.   Here’s one example.

Mr. Lorenzo Harvey was charged today in St. Louis of robbing a video game store at gunpoint.  His reason?  His family was being held hostage and he needed a Playstation 3 to get them released.  He allegedly displayed a handgun to the clerk, who promptly handed it over.  Before he left the store, he asked the clerk to call the police because his family needed help.  So they did.

Why why why are some people so stupid?!?  If he had any class he would have taken a Wii.   I know a similar story where some guy held 4 people hostage in a cave.  Eventually, this nitwit wanted some beer and sent 2 of the hostages on a beer run.  I don’t know if they picked up any beer, but they certainly picked up the police.

When Lorenzo gets out of jail, maybe he’ll have better luck with Playstation 5.


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