10 Things I Can’t Live Without


This is not a Top Ten list. I love them all the same. Jeepers, that sounds like my mother talking. Or Oprah, or David Letterman … but these are not favorites so maybe I’m in the clear.

1. SPENDING THE DAY AT THE SHORE. Don’t really care about exactly where the water is.

2. MANICURES & PEDICURES. Helps to keep me feeling fairly normal in a crazy world.

3. ACTION MOVIES ON THE BIG SCREEN. There’s also the cheap thrill of smuggling your own snacks to the theater.

4. PINO GRIGIO. Need I say more?

5. PARADES. Bring your own chair because the one in the car trunk is mine!

6. A GOOD BOOK. And why are readers always described as voracious? It sounds like an eating frenzy. Hey … I might be on to something.

7. DARK CHOCOLATE. 75% cacao or higher, please.

8. PLAYING THE MUSIC I LIKE *REALLY LOUD* ON A GOOD STEREO. Live with it because I’m not turning it down any time soon.

9. SINGING TO THE MUSIC I LIKE. I’m an alto and can find the harmony just about anywhere. Plus I can sing, which really helps.

10. SPENDING TIME WITH PEOPLE I LOVE. A short list, mind you. They know who they are.

11. OUTRAGEOUSLY GREAT SEX. Alright, this makes Number 11 on the list, but it was way too important to leave off. Think of it as an addendum. Or an appendage. Or both.

12. ROAD TRIPS IN THE CAR. No preference on where the car is headed, as long as I can sit in the front seat or drive. You don’t want me to get carsick.

13. CUDDLE TIME WITH A NICE KITTY. Like with the kitty on the left named Bug.


2 responses »

  1. 1) Can’t agree more.

    2) Wouldn’t know, but I’ll take your word for it!! LOL

    3) My kinda gal!!

    4) Pino is fine, but I still prefer a nice german white.

    5) Love it, but I prefer to sit on the curb (remeber what Pop used to tell us about sitting on the sidewalk/curb when we were kids?!?!).

    6) I still love to read. Nothing beats taking the kids to the pool while I pull out either a new mystery or an old book that I enjoyed years ago.

    7) Dark Chocolate Pecan Bark for Dad for birthdays/Father’s Day/Anniversary/Christmas always scored points. And, as we used to tell Mom, “You want some icecream with that chocolate???” brings back great memories!!!

    8) MB still complains that I crank the music too loud in the car. What people don’t understand is that sometimes you just gotta rock out!! Sometimes while at work, I’ll have my Ipod on writing code and jamming to Journey or REO or Boston and I’m so oblivious to the rest of the office I can’t hear my cell phone go off (or people come and get my attention and I practically jump out of my skin by being so startled – maybe that might help you with the lupus symptoms!!! LOL)

    9) Not an alto but a soprano I think. (Fact is, I think my singing sucks compared to you). That never stops me from singing out loud i.e. shower, car, concerts, movies, tv, etc. MB threatened to make me sit in a diferent part of the theater when Mamma Mia! came out. The kids just think I’m weird!!

    10) Ditto

    11) Uh, no comment (just the idea of my sister having “OUTRAGEOUSLY GREAT SEX” sounds a little freaky to me!!!)

    12) I gotta drive. I love it!! Doesn’t matter where, but I just gotta enjoy the road and the curves and the feeling of flying when the road opens up and there is nothing but highway in front of me.

    13) I love our dog Reggie (and our late Teddy and Murry), but there is something about cuddle time with a cat that just feels comfortable. Must be all that time with Pandy, BC and GC. (Sarah is DYING to get a cat, but we can’t with Stephen’s friends with allergies.)

  2. Congrats Sue on figuring out how to import and publish those photos you stayed up past midnight and fiddled with Saturday in Cape.

    As far as the “Top 10 TICLW” (actually 13 listed, but who’s counting)….don’t forget tinted windshields, SPF 50, laughing, and stack rings! Love you!!

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